Security Prepress Solutions

Security Design Solutions


Graphic security design, security training in design, software, hardware and system, and security features.

Security Design

Jura Design Studio is a department of Jura with deep experience and knowledge in graphic security design, offering their expertise and services in all steps of the security prepress workflow, from preliminary design to print-ready materials including producing offset and intaglio plates. Jura’s team of experts also collaborates in incorporating patented high resolution applications into existing banknotes and other high security products for graphic protection.

Security Training

Jura offers basic or advanced level of design training courses for security printing houses to build-up or improve their design capabilities. Jura’s team will lead the clients to importance of security design which meets artistic beauty, security and productivity.
For designers and engravers, Jura offers educational courses of its proprietary security design software series on different levels. This enables the clients to create all types of graphic security design in a completely digitalized way, to fulfill the whole security prepress workflow for both of offset and intaglio.
Jura offers a user training course of hardware equipment used in its security prepress systems to attain enhanced print quality, higher productivity and solider security.
Jura also offers a system workshop course for clients to build up comprehensive understanding of the most effectively planned security prepress workflow, related to great design, print quality and successful production. Participants will achieve in-depth study about various solutions given by software & hardware system.

Security Features

Jura offers versatile patented high-resolution security features for strong and hidden protection of banknotes against any kind of reproduction, tampering, counterfeiting.
Jura’s new unperceivable protection for long lifetime security products without personalization - such as banknotes and other high security documents - contains special structures implemented directly in the graphic design artwork and a smartphone app for checking the genuineness of the document quickly and easily, no internet connection needed.

Security Document IDentification Workshop

In cooperation with Keesing Technologies, Jura offers an intensive workshop. This workshop has a duration of 30 hours, spread over 5 days. Our aim is to make the participants aware of the role, meaning, limits and advantages of a wide range of security features. During the workshop, participants will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to verify ID documents effectively. Furthermore, the course promotes new ideas about developing efficient methods and knowhow for daily document checking.

Learning outcomes of the Security Document IDentification Workshop

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By the end of the course participants are able to:

  • Distinguish various printing technologies and techniques
  • Identify different forgery methods
  • Understand the importance of security features
  • Make suggestions for effective improvements of security documents
  • Differentiate between document reading and document verification
  • Authenticate ID documents
  • Establish whether the person presenting the ID document is its rightful holder

The full course program is available in the Workshop Brochure on Keesing's website. Please, click here.

For more information about the Workshop and how you can register contact Keesing directly, clicking here. 

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