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Jura's photo ID document personalization solutions include patented features to hide human- or machine-readable alphanumerical invisible personal information into the portrait with optional custom encryption, and a special personalized machine-verifiable secondary (ghost) image.

IPI Gergely billeg

IPI™ – Invisible Personal Information

IPI™ is the #1 graphical security for personal documents. This technology encodes personal data (name, numbers etc.) in the portrait. IPI™ directly links the photograph both to the document holder and the document. Personal data is invisible to the human eye; the authorized persons can easily verify the authenticity with a dedicated decoding lens.

IPI™ can be authenticated with electronic passport-readers as well.
The implementation of IPI™ started two decades ago. Nowadays several dozens of countries use Jura’s IPI™ feature, both in passports and ID-1 format government credentials.

D IPI villam

Digital-IPI™ – Digital Invisible Personal Information

Encrypting personal data into the photo. The digital version of IPI™ hides personal information as a special 2D-barcode into the photo. Digital-IPI™ is machine-readable with a Jura software on an electronic passport-reader.

Encoding digital information into the image provides a higher level of security than lens-readable IPI™ because the customer can use his own trusted encryption or authentication code (MAC) algorithm. The encryption makes the reproduction of the embedded information impossible, even for Jura.

LetterScreen nagyitoval

Machine-Readable LetterScreen++®

Two in one: a strong and attractive tool for Level 1 verification plus a powerful Level 3 machine-readable feature.
The original LetterScreen™ feature of Jura has been an attractive feature for first-level verification of the passport. The portrait of the applicant is built up from lines of microtext. The microtext is personalized; citing applicant’s name, the document number and/or other personal data. The personalized text lines fill the entire image. There are slight differences in character size and thickness to clearly show the portrait. The LetterScreen™ has been the optimal ghost image, it enhanced the security by directly linking the portrait to the owner & the document itself.
The verification of the original version is based on the comparison of the text in the LetterScreen™ and the readable personal data, as well as the data on the screen, when MRZ is read. The verification necessitated a magnifier. It provided excellent security also for back-office and forensic check. The new LetterScreen++® provides automatic, fast, primary verification within seconds. It comes with a unique wavy microtext in each document. Each LetterScreen++® image is created along a unique structure, by a special algorithm based on personal data.

LetterScreen++® is patented by May 16, 2017 (US Patent No : US 9.652.814 B2).