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Covert features

ICI® – Invisible Carrier Screen

ICI® is a patented high-resolution digital application for the protection of legal documents and security products against reproduction (US Patent and Trademark Office No. 6,104,812).
High security value papers and security documents must be protected against any kind of reproduction, tampering, counterfeiting. The genuine product should not be reproducible but with remarkable changes only (i.e. the original effect does not work on the copy).
ICI® is mainly for high security products. This feature is providing hidden information in the screen structure of the existing design. The hidden information is invisible to the human eye and can be verified with a simple decoding device.
ICI® is printed with different high-resolution printing processes (offset, intaglio etc.) in modern security printing works.

M-ICI® – Microtext-Based Invisible Constant Information

M-ICI® is a revolutionary new feature that hides extra information in micro-printed letters. The embedded information is possible to decode with our simple plastic device only.
M-ICI® has similar attributes to ICI® with certain differences. It is applicable on all high security products including banknotes, using only b&w images as encoded information, and it can be printed with wet and dry offset and also intaglio printing.

IDP – Invisible Document Protection

IDP is a personalized digital watermark placed in the background-print of the document. It’s a security feature developed for personal documents without a photo. IDP contains personalized data chosen from the document itself. This can be placed into a decoration element and printed together in one round with the document text. The feature is offered mainly for issuing authorities of the documents below. IDP is suitable for:

  • birth-, death-, marriage-certificates
  • land and vehicle ownership certificates
  • university diplomas
  • notary documents
  • government documents with restricted circulation
  • contracts
  • legal documents etc.

Digital-IDP is a digital variation of IDP that encodes binary data into the photo. Digital-IDP combines the advantages of IDP and 2D-barcodes. The amount of the embedded information is enough to encrypt using strong encryption algorithms (AES or other) what makes the document impossible to manipulate.
Digital-IDP is suitable for similar documents to IDP. Printing Digital-IDP is similar to IDP (optimal with laser printers – black & white or color – and it also works with ink-jet printers).