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Jura and Gemalto for Hong Kong ePassport

The Hong Kong Immigration Department awarded the next-generation ePassport data-page production and personalisation to Gemalto. Jura was selected by Gemalto as the supplier of constant hidden (ICI®) and variable hidden image (IPI™) technologies, as well as a high-security variable personalised secondary portrait (LetterScreen++®). Jura has been a technology provider to the Immigration Department since 1997.

The attached photo shows the Project Manager of Gemalto, Ms. Lay Shirley Kusumawati and Jura’s technical expert Bence Adam during the consultations on technical details.

Gemalto Jura HK 2018

Latest ID News

  • Four of the five Scandinavian countries have opted to use Jura high-security feature(s) to protect the facial image on the national passports. Two of them already in circulation, two of them will be launched very soon.
  • The Immigration Department of Hong Kong selected Jura high-security features for the new eID card and for the new ePassports. Hong Kong is using Jura features to secure their documents since 1997.
  • One more central African country, Burkina Faso, will soon have a Jura high-security additional facial image (ghost image) on the national passport.

Jura at HSP Europe Conference 2018

In February 2018 Jura participated in HSP Europe Conferencein Warsaw, Poland.

HSP Warsaw 2018

Jura's new house

In the middle of last year Jura has expanded its territory. Previously we acquired the neighbouring plot and completely renovated the building on it. Since then, we have been working in the beautiful new house as well, keeping the well-known headquarters in use. Please find a photo below from the snowy wintertime of 2018!

Jura new house snowy 2018

Late results from 2017

2017 brought some further success for Jura, as a provider of high security features for travel documents.

Jura became a subcontractor of the awarded prime-contractors for the next generation eID card and passports of Hong Kong. Same for the new passports of Finland, Norway and Portugal.

Jura continued to enhance the famous and popular IPI security feature. There has been a major progress in the reading and verification of IPI by Android-smart phones.

2018 is expected to welcome a couple of further new countries having Jura security features in their documents.

Happy Holidays 2017!

Jura wishes you Happy Holidays and a very happy and prosperous New Year! Jura will be closed from December 22 to January 2, the first working day is January 3. We look forward to working with you in 2018.

Jura Happy Holidays 2017 web

Jura at HSP Asia Conference 2017

In December 2017 Jura participated in HSP Asia Conference, in Melbourne, Australia.

HSP Asia 2017

Jura at Trustech Conference 2017

In November 2017 Jura participated in Trustech Conference, in Cannes, France.

Trustech 2017

Jura at ID4Africa Forum 2017

In April 2017 Jura participated in ID4Africa Forum, in Windhoek, Namibia.

ID4Africa 2017

Cash Matters

Cash Matters – a new video for a Pro-Cash Movement. For additional info visit


Jura’s LetterScreen++® is patented

Press Release – Jura JSP GmbH introduced the original LetterScreen feature in 2000. It has been an attractive and secure ghost-image for Level-1 verification of passports. The portrait of the applicant was built up from personalized horizontal microtext lines. LetterScreen directly linked the portrait to the owner & document itself. The authentication necessitated a magnifier to compare the text in the LetterScreen to the readable personal data, or to the data on the screen, when OCR lines are read. Recently, Jura made some further development and created LetterScreen++®. The new machine-readable LetterScreen++® is verified automatically by passport readers. Each LetterScreen++® image is created along a unique wave-structure, created with a special algorithm based on personal data of the document holder. The personalized text lines fill the entire image. Slight differences in character size and thickness clearly showed the portrait. The Jura LetterScreen++® Verification Software Module re-generates the required waves (from the personal data) and matches the waves with the waves scanned by the passport reader. If the two wave-pattern match: a green light shows that the document is authentic. The red light shows that the LetterScreen++® image has been forged or manipulated. 'We expect that the newly patented feature (US Patent No : US 9.652.814 B2, May 16, 2017) helps Jura to have more and more new-generation passports carry this attractive and affordable feature', says Janos Friss, the sales director of the Jura Group. 'The current number of LetterScreen-protected documents is 11 and we are to double this within a reasonable time.'

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